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Welcome, and thank you for visiting DesignATest. As established school teachers and lecturers, we know how time consuming the professional role can be, especially when it comes to assessing, marking and sharing of information relating to academic achievement. That's why DesignATest has been created.

It is the option that will help everyone professionally involved in education, more importantly, it will improve and help make a positive difference to student communities everywhere.

DesignATest is wholly unique and innovative, it allows you, or your school or college, to generate tests and assessments online and to securely store them, retrieve them and analyse and share the results.

It's very simple to use and by subscribing to DesignATest you have the flexibility to create your own tests and mark scheme, constructing your own questions and answers that are appropriate to you.

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There are plenty of benefits to using DesignATest

DesignATest has something to offer everyone, regardless of their background. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent or someone looking to expand their knowledge base, we have the framework to help you manage your education, and tests covering a broad range of subjects.

Promote yourself

All users have a personal profile which gives them greater exposure to their peers and therefore opportunity to connect and progress their careers.

Promote Yourself
Save Time

Save time

Our database of peer created tests allows you to set homework or assessments that will provide your students with the standard of education they need, and coupled with the automatic marking, you have more time to do the things you want.

Access our test database

Our test database is full of peer reviewed tests created by experts in their fields. We cover a broad range of subjects allowing you to feel confident that there will always be something that's useful to you.

Test Database

For teachers

First among Teaching Tools

Adding DesignATest to your portfolio of teaching tools will enable you to save time spent on repetitive marking that adds no value to the teaching experience. Using and sharing the tests created by other qualified teachers will expand your capacity to deliver a better quality teaching experience for your pupils.

For parents

Support your child

Our unique platform makes it really easy to create a test for your child. The software puts you in the driving seat as you craft questions specific to their current learning to support them and assess their knowledge.

Track their progress

If you use DesignATest to create an exam, you'll soon know exactly how they are progressing and you put yourself in a position to offer constructive help to your child. This approach is much more objective and effective than popping your head through the door every ten minutes (they can definitely hear you coming, trust us!).

For pupils


Push yourself

With DesignATest it's easy to make your own test, share it with friends or complete real or practice tests set for you by your parents or teachers. If you don't want to make your own test and no one around you wants to make a test for you, there's no need to miss out! You can access a database of other tests created by experienced teachers.


Good grades are important to give you the head start you need in life, DesignATest gives you the opportunity to complete a practice test before you have to do it for real.

DesignATest can help reassure you that you know everything you need to for your upcoming assessment, highlight areas for further study and get you used to taking tests so your performance doesn't suffer from the dreaded exam nerves!

Push Yourself

Work with friends

DesignATest isn't just for parents and teachers; you and your friends can make your own test from lesson notes. See who can think up the hardest questions, who is the brainiest and who really hasn't done their homework!