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Do student accounts count towards my user limit?

No, the user limit only accounts for teaching staff. That means that you can register all the students and classes within your establishment.

Can I purchase extra accounts during my subscription?

Should your establishment exceed the total number of users additional accounts can be purchased.

Can I pay with services other than PayPal?

Currently PayPal is the only recognised method of payment. However this should change shortly and you will be up to pay by debit and credit card.

How does the site work?

Teachers and parents can create bespoke tests and assessments. Once they have been created they can be issued to students. The assessments can be marked online. The site also offers easy monitoring of students and classes allowing progress to be tracked.

What happens if I don't use all of user accounts?

The accounts are there for you to use in your department or establishment. Some environments may need less and some more but it is hoped that the number of accounts provided will cater for the majority of establishments.

What is the billing period?

Billing is annual from the date of your first payment. Currently billing must be completed manually each time payment is requested.