Our powerful, flexible, test builder makes assessing your pupils simple.

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Getting started is simple

Gettng started with DesignATest is easy. We have a large library of tests created by other users which you can begin using right away, or you could clone one of them as a starting point for building your own assessment.

The test builder is designed to be simple to use so that users with any level of technical background will be able to create high quality tests as easily as if they were using a word processor.


All members of DesignATest get unlimited student accounts, and full access to all of our tools and services. Our pricing structure is simple, the more users you have the less you pay per user.

Number of users Cost per user
1 User £19.95
Up to 8 Users £99.95
Unlimited Users £199.95

Suitable for anything

Our test builder can handle multiple types of question, allowing you to create exams to suit any level of examination. Our tests are also categorised by the type of question used, allowing you to easily search for a test that meets your requirements.

Multiple choice

Our multiple choice questions allow you to create questions that reward users for either a single or multiple answers. You can set the number of marks awarded for a correct answer as well as the maximum amount of marks that can be attained for the question.

Multiple Choice Tests
Short Answer Tests

Short Answer

Our short answer questions allow you to ask questions that require simple word or phrase answers. You can provide multiple matching answers to allow for different formatting or phrasing, e.g. 10cm or 10 Centimeters.

Long answer

Our long answer questions cater for those that neeed longer more complex answers, offering multiple marks based on the usage of correct words and phrases. Much like the short answer questions you can provide multiple formats for each mark group. And like the multiple choice questions a the maximum number of marks a pupil can attain can also be set.

Integrate media and your own resources

Our tests allow you to assign media to questions, such as embeded videos from youtube, audio from sites like soundcloud, or images and documents. This gives you the flexibility to cater to pupils who may have difficulty with exams due to reading comprehension problems, or just to simply provide resources such as diagrams, graphs and spreadsheets.

Tracking achievement

We provide tables of test results on a class, or pupil level allowing you to track the progress of your students achievements throughout the year.

You can also view each test that is submitted by your students, allowing you to see exactly what they got wrong, allowing you to provide further reinforcement on the areas in which their knownledge may be weakest. The results are also editable allowing you to award marks for answers that were correct but were not allowed by the marking scheme.



Our system will alert your students when a new test has been assigned to them, as well as sending reminders 24 and 48 hours before the deadline if applicable. It also sends you an email when a student has submitted their answers, or if a student did not complete an exam on time; which makes tracking completion a breeeze.